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“Pardon?” (LJ)

My ear is playing up again. I keep getting infections, and it worries me that the doctor has prescribed the honey-scented antibiotics as freely as he might Lockets. The first time I had the infection, the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory mixture … Continue reading

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Sounding hollow

Between Headington and Temple Cowley lies Hollow Way, a stretch of road that’s straight enough to be Roman, and used as a rat-run by those who can’t quite make it that extra few hundred yards to the ring road. Down … Continue reading

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Fly away, fly away (LJ)

My pigeonhole is disappearing. I spoke to the porters in college a few days ago and they said it would be gone by now. I appear to have had a stay of exclusion owing to the fact that, in previous … Continue reading

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No complaints please, we’re British (LJ)

A few weeks ago I wrote a complaint letter to Action Recruitment’s head offices about the treatment I’d received from a certain employee of the Oxford branch. I wrote it mostly to let off steam: I had to defer jury … Continue reading

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Old? Big deal.

When I was being discriminated against by Action Recruitment, on account of having jury duty pending and this meaning they couldn’t possibly offer me any work, I tried ringing the CAB fixed rate number. The choices I received from their … Continue reading

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Is Not Null (LJ)

I had to fill out the electoral register for our house yesterday. We had already told them who we were and where we were for 2003, only a few weeks ago. But there was Ms Lilian Clark on the new … Continue reading

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What lies beneath

After another night of being kept awake by Shu and his computer games, I was finally roused completely just before seven by the post office vans opposite, all in a froth of movement. Clatter went the clattery trolleys up the … Continue reading

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To name something is to change it (LJ)

Looking through the lists of patients’ names (I finally finished my work for the NHS, thank Christ) I kept seeing the same first names cropping up. The most popular girl’s name was probably Rebecca; among the boys there were probably … Continue reading

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If you’ve got to go, you’d better go now

Found during my big document clear-out, repeated with fonts etc. as close as possible to the original: TOILETING TIPS GET XXXX TO SIT REGULARLY 20 MINUTES AFTER MEALS REWARD XXXX WITH AN IMMEDIATE PRIZE WHEN HE HAS SAT E.G. WHEN … Continue reading

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Eating seeds as a pastime activity

Construction [at the hospital in Abingdon] must have happened more recently than I thought. In front of the main doors to the mental health centre is a patch of land, a square-about that has parking spaces on three sides. The … Continue reading

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