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Everything is sorrow

A physics undergraduate once claimed loudly at a party that everyone behaved as they did “because they wanted to.” The central tenet of this idea was one of self-interest: if someone did something, they did it because it made them … Continue reading

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Slowing to a trickle

For some reason or other (it isn’t clear) the broadband that I’m slyly siphoning off NTL has stopped entirely. It may be that my computers don’t have the Microsoft security updates, although I’m certain that I proofed them all since … Continue reading

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The Alan Collection

Allen Ginsberg and Alan Greenspan are different people. It is a grave error to confuse the two, and punishable by mockery. Try remembering it by thinking that Greenspan has prehensile lips which can “span” a man’s hand: with those lips … Continue reading

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Whose God is it anyway?

For a long time I’ve been annoyed by C S Lewis, particularly the Narnia series of books and particularly particularly The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I was worried it was just a hangover from my lapse into sin, … Continue reading

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How to actually run a university

Those that can teach, teach! Those that can’t teach, don’t.

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Action Recruitment finally sent me a reply to my hefty complaints letter. It was quite discursive, more than I’ve been led to expect by most complaints procedures. Mostly I’m amazed they even went to the trouble. I did break from … Continue reading

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Tired of everyday Naïvety Plays

Every now and again someone points out the idiocy and the absurdity inherent in a particular affectation. I’m glad of it, not least because I can try much harder not to fall victim to it. Not that it always helps, … Continue reading

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