Slowing to a trickle

For some reason or other (it isn’t clear) the broadband that I’m slyly siphoning off NTL has stopped entirely. It may be that my computers don’t have the Microsoft security updates, although I’m certain that I proofed them all since the last alert on the NTLworld website. At any rate, because I’m merely sucking leechlike off Shu downstairs owing to an error in wiring up the house, I can’t really complain.

I will probably get narrowband at some point in the future, because broadband involves being at my current address for several months longer than I would really want to, despite it being a lovely piney house. In the mean time, given that Plato won’t accept FTP, and work firewalls SSH (yes, really, but they permit HTTPS and FTP: so go figure). In the mean time, expect the flow of content to both here and QlL to be heavily capped.

The viva voce for my thesis, looming as it is on the horizon, won’t help matters either.

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