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Quandary Cigarettes—the lighter way to enjoy tobacco!

I don’t know what to do. The stricture of Secret Santa forces me to buy the most obvious present for a workmate (who I know well enough to like but not well enough to get the perfect gift). The most … Continue reading

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Crack in the sky

Finally it starts raining and autumn is really here. I was beginning to worry then. College was still sending e-mails about water shortages, and I could feel the air between Oxford and Abingdon getting heavier with unreleased tension. The air … Continue reading

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Tell me a story

I am currently entranced by Joeyfat. I’m finding the introduction of any sort of music into my workplace is making me marvel at the sound of it, so out of place and so what I need, as work becomes more … Continue reading

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Further *nquiries

Henry sticks his oar in with this debate. Or rather he did a week ago, and (remiss!) I’ve only just got round to updating the webpage: Subject: inquiry From: Henry To: J-P Date: Mon, November 10, 2003 10:24 am The … Continue reading

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A new dawn for new dawns

This blog entry was made automatically. It thus heralds a new dawn of me avoiding doing work while in the office. And there’s also the advantageous, cultural quackety-moo bit of it all for you lot, of course.

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Is this weekly updating of the weblog really sufficient? I worry. But the firewall at work blocks SSH connections, and plato won’t accept anything else. While I still have my student status, or until I get a decent domain that … Continue reading

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Ask me, ask me, ask me

I was hoping to find a decent mnemonic for distinguishing “enquire” and “inquire,” especially for the Americanically challenged. Most references I can find, however, treat them as synonymous, which is becoming the norm anyway. The OED (pocket, until I inherit … Continue reading

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