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“Implications for banking”, I read. Banking? Why? Why must everything be reduced to this filthy common denominator of cost? Where is the humanity in our health services, that journal articles can be written comparing the life and death of unborn … Continue reading

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And what do you do?

I tried to explain my job to K’s parents. It wasn’t half difficult. I also tried to give my Mum an idea of what I did by showing her the pages for the journals I had recently been putting online. … Continue reading

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O dark dark dark

Most of the channels on my parents’ satellite system have decayed to blackness. The lack of a new subscription card for the machine has starved it of decoder codes, or the alignment is so twisted on the windblown dish that … Continue reading

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I’m sure my Dad has ADHD: diagnosable, without doubt. Amazed too, that my Mum hasn’t killed him yet, these past 38 years. But he can’t sit still, unless he’s completely asleep (or had a few drinks). He fiddles and messes … Continue reading

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Four Quartets frightens me. The effect it has, an hallucinogenic acting not on my perceptions but my perceiving mechanisms. Early mornings into work, and now walking along the sea front at Alcocebre, are now forever accompanied by FQ. The moments … Continue reading

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Giving the wrong signals

On the journey back from Blackburn (and a weekend with my parents) K. and I suffered at the hands of public transport. The journey itself wasn’t dreadful (no changes foisted upon us by the vagaries of the timetable that the … Continue reading

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Jimmy Saville, naked

“If you filmed this, then it wouldn’t be porn. It’d be a health and safety video.”

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Hath stablished it fast<br>By a changeless decree

More psychometry. This time it’s a clinical reality, assessing ADHD patients. You can’t move for scales and ratings: Connors Rating Scale, which spawns the Parents’ Rating Scale; the Clinical Global Impression scale, not to be confused with the other CGIs; … Continue reading

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Rexel, leader of the Staplertrons

I just had a flashback. You know staplers, how they have that metal plate that directs the staples either in or out at the other side of the document? It looks something like this: — — O — — You … Continue reading

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