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Modest threat

In the middle of all the column inches devoted to the Hutton report, Nick Clegg comes up with, gosh, A Modest Proposal. Along with the title he uses the phrase in the article too, just in case you missed it. … Continue reading

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The Ten Pack Plan

In passing I noticed an abstract for an article on Interest in smoking cessation among injection drug users. It seems that smoking is such a comparatively serious health problem that, in order to remove its habituation from our population as … Continue reading

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That’s it, I think. I’ve had enough of waiting for my supervisor to decide when he’s happy with my corrected thesis. I may already have missed a deadline for returning it to my examiners thanks to him. It’s not as … Continue reading

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The morning before

At this time of year, and with my work hours, the days feel oddly symmetrical. People with more sensible days would only experience this after British Summertime, and then the effect is diminished. Especially on Fridays, when I leave work … Continue reading

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Delays expected

Where do you think you are closing, Dr Beeching? Is this how a railway’s run? We are the ones who will suffer for your crime We are the ones who won’t get to work on time So how much of … Continue reading

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Don’t let the buggers drive you round

Success comes in the form of an “ANY-5-DAYS” pass for all three Oxford Bus Company zones. Complaining about one of their shaved monkeys driving a cyclist off the road bore fruit, if only because I was witness to a crime … Continue reading

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Suck like you don’t need the money

I’m not one for looking at scabs and cuts. Ever since I had a blister between my toes once, that… ugh. But I glanced at my arm during blood donation today and didn’t feel squeamish about it. The aseptic tube, … Continue reading

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Squelchy underfoot

Downstairs by the front door the damp that (despite my landlord’s declarations to the contrary) is forcing itself through the wall is having a strange effect on the wallpaper. Mould under the paper is growing through it, and in the … Continue reading

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I am a conduit

I hate to keep harping on about this, but only yesterday I had to remind one of our customers what our job doesn’t entail. Do you know what I do? Do you know what production really does? Go on, then. … Continue reading

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Grand vizier complex.

“Stepmother jabs”, we’d always call them. It demonizes stepmothers unnecessarily, I know, although if you knew of the stepmothers I know of then you’d start to wonder. You’d chew on one of them, sticking off your finger, because you’d have … Continue reading

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