A transformative experience

I don’t want to come over all Ftrain, but I’ve just finally squeezed out a neat piece of XSL, transforming a list of publications into nice HTML. I won’t mention where as it’d probably count as a second piece of self-aggrandizement. No, but what’s nice about it is that it takes a set of authors:

 <Author> <Affil>...</Affil> </Author> <Author> <Affil>...</Affil> </Author> <Author> <Affil>...</Affil> </Author> 

reduces their Affiliations down to a list without duplicates—very handy when eight of the nine authors have the same Affiliation—and references this reduced list as footnotes for each author, numbered correctly and formatted prettily. Moreover it does this entirely within the user’s browser (if it supports XML and XSL).

I know it isn’t impressive in the grand scheme of things, but it took a lot of hard work and is much more portable than most of the suggestions on the XSL-List archive.

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