It wears me out

When our journal-publishing system has resolved references and citations to any relevant webpages, we understandably have to check that the resolution (fuzzily matched) has been successful. Such checking is performed by clicking on web links which open up in a pop-up window (always the same window).

After fifty or sixty such clicks, the window starts behaving oddly. It ceases to show if a new reference link is in the process of loading; it doesn’t refresh; it shows nothing but a dead link and has to be manually refreshed to show the most recent one. The behaviour is gradual and intermittent, and reminds one less of a coding mistake in Internet Explorer (Mandelbugs aside) than of something organic: the second window is a stout, stupid drayhorse, charging up hill and down dale for as many years as there are mouse clicks, until its legs go bandy and its eyes go crossed and it’s off to the Alt-F4 knackers’ yard with Dobbin.

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