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Don’t say I didn’t tell you Zoe

To: Subject: Response to Zoe Williams, Weekend, March 27 2004 Hi, I’m baffled and slightly insulted by Zoe Williams’ blanket dismissal of private-school education, which I have had the mixed blessing of experiencing. Although I don’t think it makes … Continue reading

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Bate me an Ace. See Bolton. Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (1898).

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The interconnectedness of all things

Living the life of a bookworm this evening, I turned from Pompeii (Robert Harris’ book, which is the first featured in the reading group at work—and it’s good, if a bit fluffy for all its research) to the pile of … Continue reading

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Sweet to the soul

Self-styled Fat Barry at Norman Records (or “phil”, as his e-mail would have it) kindly sent me another shipment of delights: the Franz Ferdinand album, Mugison’s Lonely Mountain and Ed Harcourt’s From Every Sphere. They even included two complementary Maoam … Continue reading

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Latte and let latte

Newsagents in Manchester have been keeping pictures of the Koran safe: In a letter published in the paper yesterday, a human rights lawyer, John Rowe QC, described buying his Guardian “in this most tolerant of cities” and finding that it … Continue reading

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You can’t start with a pause

Hell’s bells. Not only do we have the hyphen “-”, the en dash “–” and the em dash “—”, but for those instances of serious dash envy we have: The horizontal bar or quotation dash: “―” I have to confess, … Continue reading

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The Postman Always Acts Twice

I have confused Outlook, in a permanent, ongoing manner. Our testing site has itself become confused, and is sending everyone the same error report every minute or so: I arrived this morning after a holiday on Friday to find a … Continue reading

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