Valid HTML 4.01

I’ve spent the past few days making all the articles on SB+LB valid HTML, as per the 4.01/Transitional spec. In this task I’ve been ably assisted by the W3C and WDG validation checkers.

“Why bother, you anal over-achiever?” I hear you cry, if indeed you’re still reading. Well, of all the webpages I’ve designed SB+LB is probably simultaneously the prettiest and the simplest: I’ve done prettier, and I’ve done more basic, but not together. It’s nice to be able to boast, therefore, that such a decent-looking page is also accessible, and comprehensible. Along with complying with the specification, therefore, I’ve tried hard to avoid using tables for mark-up, and spacer GIFs, and all the other no-nos of readable webpages.

If anyone has any suggestions or improvements in that area, or they spot a new addition to the site that doesn’t conform to the spec, then do let me know.

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