The Postman Always Acts Twice

I have confused Outlook, in a permanent, ongoing manner. Our testing site has itself become confused, and is sending everyone the same error report every minute or so: I arrived this morning after a holiday on Friday to find a sea of 7000+ messages.

No more, I decided. After ten seconds’ fiddling, I’ve managed to write a rule, applied to all incoming messages and diverting this runaway train away from the quaint village of my Inbox. Of course, with Outlook, permanent deletion is a hidden two-stage process that requires the client program to be open at all times: mail satisfying the criteria is first moved to Deleted Items by the server, then it’s killed by the client.

This means that each arriving e-mail causes an Inbox hiccup that distracts on screen, and the renewal of the wee envelope icon in my system tray. “You’ve got mail!” “Really? What is it?” “… Ah.”

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