The interconnectedness of all things

Living the life of a bookworm this evening, I turned from Pompeii (Robert Harris’ book, which is the first featured in the reading group at work—and it’s good, if a bit fluffy for all its research) to the pile of papers I’d bought today. In a moment of linguistic zeal I had grabbed le Monde and was trying to get through the front page, with help from the dictionary and the web.

A phrase that I’ve been chasing round the houses is “comme le font.” Font? I’ve since realised that it’s the (relatively) rarest present-active conjugation of faire, but when you can’t find the noun, and you can’t find the phrase under “comme”, then you begin to wonder whether there hasn’t been a serious omission by Messrs Chambers and Robert. I was trying to decide between looking on the web and returning to the novel, when I was disconcerted to the tips of my split ends by the first link I clicked on in my search.

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