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Do you have a reference for that?

The precursors of weblogs, sprawling summary pages like Memepool and b3ta, seem to have been suffering recently. Memepool goes through phases of being rarely updated; b3ta cries out for new links just before each weekly newsletter. Only NTK is still … Continue reading

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Valid HTML 4.01

I’ve spent the past few days making all the articles on SB+LB valid HTML, as per the 4.01/Transitional spec. In this task I’ve been ably assisted by the W3C and WDG validation checkers. “Why bother, you anal over-achiever?” I hear … Continue reading

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Am I only dreaming?

The water pressure was such in the shower this morning that its pump was alternating steadily between two different speeds. This caused it to whisper two notes, a major third apart, at exactly the same pitch as the synthesizer at … Continue reading

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State of The Nation

CRB has found the vote counts I was looking for, on the El Pais website. Sadly not as conclusive an increase in voter turnout as I was hoping: 77% is above average but similar to previous years, including 1996 as … Continue reading

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Mister Stay-at-home goes out

While pundits are arguing over whether the Achilles’ heel of the Popular Party was overenthusiastically blaming ETA for the recent bombings, or prosecuting the ongoing illegal Iraq war, there’s a far more prosaic possibility. Low voter turnout traditionally favours either … Continue reading

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Spare 10p for a luxury?

“Before he turned to writing full-time, Pullman worked as a teacher, then lecturer. Long before the sale of his novels made him a wealthy man, he struggled for money, cycling to work in Oxford….” BBC News Gosh. Poor Philip Pullman. … Continue reading

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The Hunting of Aznark

Hell. That’s one way of getting a (ex-)government’s attention.

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