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State of The Nation

CRB has found the vote counts I was looking for, on the El Pais website. Sadly not as conclusive an increase in voter turnout as I was hoping: 77% is above average but similar to previous years, including 1996 as … Continue reading

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Mister Stay-at-home goes out

While pundits are arguing over whether the Achilles’ heel of the Popular Party was overenthusiastically blaming ETA for the recent bombings, or prosecuting the ongoing illegal Iraq war, there’s a far more prosaic possibility. Low voter turnout traditionally favours either … Continue reading

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Spare 10p for a luxury?

“Before he turned to writing full-time, Pullman worked as a teacher, then lecturer. Long before the sale of his novels made him a wealthy man, he struggled for money, cycling to work in Oxford….” BBC News Gosh. Poor Philip Pullman. … Continue reading

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The Hunting of Aznark

Hell. That’s one way of getting a (ex-)government’s attention.

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Realpolitik? Realistik.

Prescott, bless his bollockless political semi-existence, has congratulated the Spanish public on their steadfastness in the face of terrorism. I do wonder, though, how a protest of however many Spaniards will send any message as far as the ears of … Continue reading

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Nowt so queer as nine bob

There is no industry where, when presented with a £10 note for a £3 item, a salesperson could get away with grumbling “have you not got anything smaller…?” Except on public transport, of course. You don’t get anything smaller, you … Continue reading

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Wrong, wrong, wrong

I only really heard news of the Madrid bombings this morning, as yesterday I was deepened in my work. The commentary on Radio 4 was terse and informative (comparatively, at least), as usual. They’re still making the same mistakes about … Continue reading

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Say cheese

I’ve had a new digital camera since a few weeks after Christmas. The present from my parents consisted of a cheque and good wishes, so that had to be wrought into something useful. By the time I’d decided on a … Continue reading

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… Did you check this one?

The article Zhang, B., Li, X., & Hu, T. (2001). Survey on the high risk behaviors related to AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases among men who have sex with men in mainland China. Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi … Continue reading

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It ain’t <em>that</em> greener

Yesterday on the way home I was negotiating the dogleg that lies crooked and broken around Radley. As I pedalled too furiously along—resetting my wheel after twisting the cones tight left the rim creaking painfully against one brake pad—I spotted … Continue reading

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