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In my ears and in my eyes

I’ve not yet figured out why the Thrupp Lane road sign has a red graffito in between the two words. It’s almost a letter “X”, almost making it read “THRUPPYLANE”. Victoria Road in Abingdon town centre has a red cross … Continue reading

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Keep on truckin’

The Redbridge Waste Reception Centre is a recycling depot off Abingdon Road, on the way to Kennington and the bypass. Two sliproads connect it to the highway, one of which has “NO ENTRY” painted on its tarmac. It was this … Continue reading

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Target market

Amazon has found me out. Their information harvesting, which I have decried as often as their name has been mentioned to me in the past (and always struggled to find the name of the company they sell it on to: … Continue reading

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We hate HULL

Incidentally, searching Google for “Scunthorpian” suggests it probably isn’t the right word and doesn’t exactly lead to erudition, although if you decide you’re “feeling lucky” about “Scunthorpe inhabitant” then you come across what’s either a Googlewash or a piece of … Continue reading

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Littul kittons

Google’s SafeSearch has been castigated by CNN (among others) for being too extreme. Scunthorpians have long memories, full of painful recollections of mid-90s NetNannying blocking any side mentioning the town’s name. The CNN article goes on to say: The word … Continue reading

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He Believed He Was Right

In this Saturday’s Guardian Review, Daniel Dennett is quoted as saying: “I have no doubt that the scientific vision is right… superstitious doctrines will just have to give way.” I don’t know where to begin. Possibly with the blanket dismissal … Continue reading

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666: the Marx of the Beaker

This morning on the way to work I was thinking—don’t ask me why—about the prohibition of words like “cunt” in print. I wondered if I could get the prefix “Marxis-” asterisked out in the dailies, given that it’s almost always … Continue reading

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Dat would be an hecumenical mattur

On the way to work I cycle past a billboard. Only the one, as most of my route is either through suburbs and villages or past fields. This billboard has been pasted pear-drop pink and yellow by the UK Independence … Continue reading

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Wake from your sleep

Following on from my success at running my electric guitar through my hi-fi system (it will all end in tears, I’m sure) I dreamt last night the closest I could to a scenario of me finally finding my rightful place … Continue reading

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Mote point

Today, Paul Foot very helpfully explains the Biblical reference in his Guardian column’s title—“The beam in Bremer’s Eye”. He does this by giving us dictionary definitions of both the word “beam” and, presumably as background reading, the word “mote.” He … Continue reading

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