Target market

Amazon has found me out. Their information harvesting, which I have decried as often as their name has been mentioned to me in the past (and always struggled to find the name of the company they sell it on to: Avida?), has made my visit to the site… fun. I’m sorry. It suggested Stephen Jones’ new book to me, without knowing I’m an intermittent Babybird fan. And it suggested—and I fell for—Jam and My Wrongs on some sort of combined offer. In the absence of any kind of personal service nowadays (although I’m told Americans get it, and are generally pissed off by it) then this is a decent ersatz.

But I will be damned, both literally and metaphorically, if I click on their “Improve Your Recommendations” box. Not yet, anyway. Amazon may have the learning capacity of a Furbie or a pet guinea pig, making it fun to teach, but I keep reminding myself that it also has the inner core of evil that those examples possess. Watch the eyes. You can always tell by the eyes.

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