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Raisin smuggler on trial

That someone has tried to sue for Janet Jackson flashing sans nip at the Superbowl is unsurprising; that Eric Stephenson pursued a claim of false advertising, because family entertainment ought not to contain such smut, is tedious if also unsurprising. … Continue reading

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He’s got your number

I love Edward Tufte. Author of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information and design genius, his essay PowerPoint Is Evil must strike a Dilbertesque chord in anyone who’s ever been in one of those meetings, while toeing the standard Tufte … Continue reading

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Coming over here, stealing our sauerkraut options

Piece of fluff through the door from the provisionally friendly wing of the BNP, or “UKIP”. It’s as hilarious as their poster, with a quasi-Punch cartoon on the back, the Channel “Funnel” herding all those Polish, Hungarian and Slovakian people … Continue reading

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Black flowers Bloom

Although I’m no Potter fan and I find her books very shallow, they’re also incredibly readable: I ploughed through the first two in two days and thought they were a damn sight better than anything else I had to hand … Continue reading

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Getting better all the time

Does Treatment Really Make Psychopaths Worse? A Review of the Evidence D’Silva et al, Journal of Personality Disorders (2004); 18(2), 163–177. Note: not yet e-published Abstract: We aimed to evaluate critically the evidence behind the perceived inverse association between the … Continue reading

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Explanation for category “/media/articles”

Because I’m always finding fascinating articles at work, and can never find them again, then this is a fledgling archive of the most interesting. It is the bloggiest part of this whole blog. Well, this directory is. This particular blog … Continue reading

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Overdoses down?

Effects of legislation restricting pack sizes of paracetamol and salicylate on self poisoning in the United Kingdom: before and after study Hawton et al, BMJ (2001); 322, 1203–1207. … Conclusion: Legislation restricting pack sizes of paracetamol and salicylates in the … Continue reading

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I must apologise for any half-(de)composed articles left to moulder on this site recently. A sudden attack of what was either a stomach bug, minor food poisoning or the transferral of a common cold from my sinuses to my belly … Continue reading

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That joke isn’t funny any more

An interesting footnote, if not to the Sokal affair then to my own experience of it, consists of the end of the colloquium he spoke at in the Oxford Physics Department. In a quasi-dichotomy, the organization of which was clearly … Continue reading

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“Amygdala?” “No, she went of her own accord.”

In his review of Mind Wide Open, PD Smith mentions Johnson’s suggestion that amygdalic–neocortical conflicts (which have nothing to do with almonds) mirror Freudian concepts of the battle between the superego and id. The actual and conceptual equivalents are both … Continue reading

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