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I must apologise for any half-(de)composed articles left to moulder on this site recently. A sudden attack of what was either a stomach bug, minor food poisoning or the transferral of a common cold from my sinuses to my belly … Continue reading

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That joke isn’t funny any more

An interesting footnote, if not to the Sokal affair then to my own experience of it, consists of the end of the colloquium he spoke at in the Oxford Physics Department. In a quasi-dichotomy, the organization of which was clearly … Continue reading

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“Amygdala?” “No, she went of her own accord.”

In his review of Mind Wide Open, PD Smith mentions Johnson’s suggestion that amygdalic–neocortical conflicts (which have nothing to do with almonds) mirror Freudian concepts of the battle between the superego and id. The actual and conceptual equivalents are both … Continue reading

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Animal lover

The Infinite Cat Project is a game of photoshopping tag (yes, photoshopping, dearest Adobe) played out using different people’s cats, looking at cats, looking at cats. Each image is placed on the next image’s page, or screen, or photo frame, … Continue reading

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They wouldn’t allow this in New York

At work recently, M’s car alarm has clearly been eager to attract our attention. Every few days it starts klaxoning away in the car park, in response to internal whims that may or may not have been prompted by, say, … Continue reading

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Stare long enough

I am sat at my desk eating Onken Wholegrain Strawberry Biopot yoghurt, listening to the world-ambient compilation Buddha Bar VI (courtesy of our Chechen neighbours) and working with online media. Someone, please: help me or kill me.

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You might live in a screen kiss

Nostalgia is an English disease, apparently. Personally, I try and avoid revelling in nostalgic pleasures because they always feel so masturbatory, although it’s impossible to deny the kitschless joy of listening to Pet Sounds or A Night At The Opera. … Continue reading

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