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My Belisha beacon

My work monitor has been flickering between full colour and yellow—a loss of the blue colour channel?—for a couple of weeks now. It would blink a few times before stabilizing in either mode for a good few minutes, then blink … Continue reading

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Demoticratic hamartia

K. has already pointed out the hilarity of sections of the BBC talking point on the Iraq sovereignty handover, so I won’t steal her thunder except (if I may) by quoting one of the more wall-eyed e-mails: A historic day. … Continue reading

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I’m a convert, I’m afraid. After the demonstration of shoddy goods and shoddier service from Argos, and the mediocrity of waiting for three weeks for MFI to deign to deliver the goods we’d pay for, I adore Ikea. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Our error reporting system has a button marked: Ammend error and retry job

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Reinventing the <!WHEEL>

There’s another chapter to add to the great history of XML, mark you: The XSCS Project Team step in with a compact, human-readable version of schemata, a step forward in the fight against invalid documents. Hang on. Wait a cotton-picking … Continue reading

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One for the teleologists to sort out

A potted (and largely inaccurate and/or apocryphal) history of XML. Special people with sharply-pointed heads use SGML to mark up documents for years and years. HTML, the basis of the world-wide web, is spawned from SGML syntax. SGML documents are … Continue reading

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Horation on the Dignity of Man

Speaking of poster children, Lord Kitchener, who told us all during WWI that our country needed us, died with the sinking of the HMS Hampshire, lost on June 5, 1916. Yet his iconic picture continued to recruit more soldiers to … Continue reading

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Something of the night

So little of Private Eye can be easily recalled, probably because the threat of libel action (and, to be honest, frequent self-contradiction) deters them from maintaining anything like an online archive. Either that or they’re all lazy goodfornothings. Google comes … Continue reading

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Shotting yourself in the foto

I don’t know whether it’s worth debunking Why Perl Advocacy Is A Bad Idea here. The author treats intelligence or ability (it’s not clear which) as a static quantity; he thinks that the members of a community should be chosen … Continue reading

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Area hammer sees nothing but nails

Big Brother violence no surprise, says psychologist Big Brother’s mix of alcohol, calculated manipulation and a confined living space was a combustible combination waiting to explode, according to an experienced reality TV psychologist who has worked for the BBC…. MediaGuardian … Continue reading

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