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Something of the night

So little of Private Eye can be easily recalled, probably because the threat of libel action (and, to be honest, frequent self-contradiction) deters them from maintaining anything like an online archive. Either that or they’re all lazy goodfornothings. Google comes … Continue reading

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Shotting yourself in the foto

I don’t know whether it’s worth debunking Why Perl Advocacy Is A Bad Idea here. The author treats intelligence or ability (it’s not clear which) as a static quantity; he thinks that the members of a community should be chosen … Continue reading

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Area hammer sees nothing but nails

Big Brother violence no surprise, says psychologist Big Brother’s mix of alcohol, calculated manipulation and a confined living space was a combustible combination waiting to explode, according to an experienced reality TV psychologist who has worked for the BBC…. MediaGuardian … Continue reading

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It felt like a slap

For ages my feelings on anti-smacking legislation (or at any rate the removal of the “reasonable chastisement” defence) have been broadly along the lines of: those that can’t tell the difference between smacking and abuse shouldn’t be let near a … Continue reading

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Two hammers, one nut.

More interesting than the diagrammatical expertise of its authors, XMLProbe shares a great deal of its feature base with the schematron language. XMLProbe costs eight grand for a site licence and four hundred pounds just to look at it; schematron … Continue reading

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All good data goes to heaven

Given Tufte’s stentorian pronouncements on “explanatory” diagrams and graphs, I wonder what he’d make of the magic data firewall that so seamlessly conveys the behaviour and use of XMLProbe? The program is written and sold by Griffin Brown, the logo … Continue reading

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UKIPped to the post

Groan. What happened? Who voted for the UKIP? Given their major spokesman is a confirmed racist, who has made mean, facetious sideswipes at every other country in the EU, and was finally sacked for showing total ignorance of world history, … Continue reading

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