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The article went thataway

The heart of Blosxom is a one-to-one mapping between a file system’s directory hierarchy and the categories for each blog posting. The problem of one article in multiple categories is therefore a difficult one to solve. With Unix symlinks this … Continue reading

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Show a bit of backbone

The book reviews from SB&LB are now available at Spineless Reviews, a separate section of this site. For the time being they’ll also be replicated here, as that’s easier than monkeying around with anything.

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All connected like a Lego set

Howard went off on one earlier this week, displaying the longstanding Tory obsession with law and order. Mobbsy finds what he said petrifying but I’m not so sure. The core of Howard’s argument—that rights without responsibilities impede the functioning of … Continue reading

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Hands off the mofo

I’m the last person to bang a drum for single-issue fruitloop Peter Tatchell, but Joseph Harker is just being an idiot. Aside from the Giddens-esque use of relativism as a blunt instrument—”it is undeniable that many cultures are more conservative … Continue reading

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That boy needs therapy

Treatment with unethical practitioners: Caveat emptors. Pepper, Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy (1997); 27(3), 215–223 Therapists who are trained at psychoanalytic institutes often foster unethical relationships between trainees and senior therapists. This practice may pass on the damage to the unsuspecting … Continue reading

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Animal always rights

Animal rights, a bitten apple Rowan and Shapiro, American Psychologist (1996); 51(11), 1183–1184 The authors argue that … the decline in coverage observed in periodicals and major newspapers may reflect a consolidation of, rather than a decline in, the movement’s … Continue reading

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Is there anybody in there?

New research suggests that we may be indeed alone in the universe. j4 provided me with this little, er, nugget. The three large paragraphs are reasonable enough, if they do state the obvious: as CRB reminds me, it’s only possible … Continue reading

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The back entrance to a cafeteria

Health and nutritional benefits from lactic acid bacteria Gilliland, FEMS Microbiology Letters (1990); 87(1–2), 175–188 … With the possible exception of improving lactose utilization by persons who are lactose maldigestors, no specific health or nutritional claims can yet be made … Continue reading

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Heart-shaped Blox

She eyes me like the piece she needs to complete I’ve been trapped with all her heart-shaped blocks for a week I was drawn into your magnet puzzle game I wish I could make another four-row play Hey Wait I’ve … Continue reading

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A quick visit from Silk and his lady today: well, a long visit to Oxford, but most of it was soaked up by a magical North Oxford Party. Like at a debutante’s ball, or some sort of dressage, ladies of … Continue reading

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