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The back entrance to a cafeteria

Health and nutritional benefits from lactic acid bacteria Gilliland, FEMS Microbiology Letters (1990); 87(1–2), 175–188 … With the possible exception of improving lactose utilization by persons who are lactose maldigestors, no specific health or nutritional claims can yet be made … Continue reading

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Heart-shaped Blox

She eyes me like the piece she needs to complete I’ve been trapped with all her heart-shaped blocks for a week I was drawn into your magnet puzzle game I wish I could make another four-row play Hey Wait I’ve … Continue reading

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A quick visit from Silk and his lady today: well, a long visit to Oxford, but most of it was soaked up by a magical North Oxford Party. Like at a debutante’s ball, or some sort of dressage, ladies of … Continue reading

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Acute laryngitis

The Guardian style guide requires that its authors use accents on “French, German, Spanish and Irish Gaelic words”. How nice of them. God knows what they do with Welsh, Czech or Finnish. And whether “cafe” is to be pronounced /keiφ/ … Continue reading

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Very flat, Mosul

Toby Young of the Spectator was just on Radio 4, complaining that all the plays produced seemed liberal and lefty. He whined that half a dozen plays had been produced showing how wrong the invasion of Iraq had been but … Continue reading

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I’ve got your rational number

Robin Richardson is hopelessly, hopelessly confused: As a rationalist, Polly Toynbee claims the right to criticise all religions equally. But we do not live in an equal world. In consequence, it is not always reasonable to be rational. What? Is … Continue reading

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Not so sinister after all

Hemispheric Encoding Asymmetry is More Apparent Than Real Miller et al, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience (2002); 14(5), 702–708 … Our findings are consistent with the view that hemispheric asymmetries in episodic encoding are related to hemisphere-specific processing of particular stimuli. … Continue reading

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