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It hurts to be me.

I’ve just been hit by a bus. Owing to my arm being in a sling I can’t really type a great deal, but I’ll say this: that’ll teach me to recklessly execute a gentle deceleration from my standard municipal pootling … Continue reading

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Just in case II

Edit: B3ta have picked up on my modding. They call me “B3ta’s own Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.” I’m getting a haircut, first thing tomorrow.

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Just in case

B3ta ran a story last week about a chap who “reverse-modified” a computer case. The principle is that, whereas normal “modding” consists of taking a household object—sofa, microwave, bucket—and converting it into a computer, the reverse-modder strips the computer from … Continue reading

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When your telly is broken, try this

Gosh, a meme from LiveJournal that I just can’t resist: Think of a word you would use to describe me. Go to Google Image Search and search for that word. Select the picture you see as most fitting, and stare … Continue reading

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Each time I tried I got a busy tone

The doctor’s surgery that our postcode lottery has landed me with, I generally have no complaints about. I was lucky in the second stage of the lottery: the decent sub-surgery had spaces on their books that week. This part is … Continue reading

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Das können kleine, kleine Mädchen nicht verstehen

It drove K. spare, but I couldn’t help myself when I heard the People Like Us mix of I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Girl from Ipanema, Que Sera Sera and the riff from Santo & Johnny’s Sleepwalk, on John … Continue reading

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Between the Devil and the deep blue sky

The Oxford Bus Company (owned by Private Eye favourites Go Ahead, whose branding consists of a bunch of clouds) have rationalized the service to Abingdon. Whatever, I thought. The 0725 never turned up at the stop anyway: the 0735 used … Continue reading

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<i>Noctes diesque</i>

(This is all by way of explaining why I’m not posting a lot currently.) During the last few equinoctes, the demands of routine that cycling into work placed on me were sufficient to iron out the confusion that rapidly changing … Continue reading

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Builder’s crack in the ground

The workies are restless. Building work right behind our house has progressed steadily all summer. Workies have been turning up at seven a.m, six days a week, to saw and shriek their way through sheet metal and railings for an … Continue reading

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