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Back and to the side

Looking at this week’s B3ta competition (“photoshop something that makes you happy”), you’d never guess it’s election week. Good job that such things aren’t classed as federal offences, nor are they overzealously pursued as far as a state of wipeoutery, … Continue reading

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Keep warm this winter: end musical complacency

I don’t want to catch myself commemorating John Peel on a personal level; as the post by addedentry reminded me, nobody outside his close acquaintances and family really knew him (least of all that waste of good catfood Julie Burchill). … Continue reading

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Never twice same place

The lightning tonight missed me by around twenty yards.

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Fahrenheit 1116

I am finally printing off the six (six!) copies of my thesis that I require. 1116 pages in total, and I have then to interleave the colour plates where necessary. Six might seem excessive, but consider that I need a … Continue reading

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Margarita pearl necklace

I’ve just received a piece of literary spam that apparently quotes Bulgakov’s The Master & Margarita in its subject line: “Ah, no, no, Aphranius!” it reads, and the quote continues in the original: “Don’t play down your merits.” A line … Continue reading

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Dear John

John Peel, *30/08/1939, †26/10/2004 Goodbye, John, and thanks.

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Fake-up call

“Hello?” “Hi, it’s David. Did that help?” “Sorry?” “… This is Verona, isn’t it?” “No, I think you’ve got the wrong number.” “[dripping with sarcasm] … Oh, really?” *click*

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He’s super, thanks for asking

Considering that, rightly or wrongly, Alan Hollinghurst has become the gay, gay, GAY winner of the Man Booker prize, I can’t believe that nobody seems to have made the Gay Man Booker joke yet. Nor is there any evidence of … Continue reading

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My first name’s hyphenated: J— -P—. I hardly ever call myself by just the first half, though. The one place is in my handwritten signature, which is rarely seen and is such a scrawl that nobody would decipher it when a … Continue reading

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I wasn’t finished

The smallbeds feed on LiveJournal appears to have caught me mid-edit. Curse its uncompromising, semi-permanent bytes.

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