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Those that can’t, resource

In the time it’s taken me to apply for a job, have two interviews, be offered the job and accepted it, a couple of places have just decided they want me for interview. One publishing house decided I was simultaneously … Continue reading

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Huis ├ęclos

Now that it’s been announced to all my work colleagues, I can finally say publicly that I handed in my notice last Friday. It was stressful and nerve-wracking to do so, but in some ways I feel liberated. I simply … Continue reading

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Please recycle generously

Falling out of my Guardian magazine, along with their faithful companions annoyance, tetchiness and distant guilt, the charitable and advertising inserts this week are as follows. First is a leaflet from those cheery Christmastians the Salvation Army, always ready with … Continue reading

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Et in Arcadia Eco

I can’t believe Bletchley Park are actually sanctioning this sort of mad Drosnin numerology: After painstakingly drawing up 82 matrices, the letters “SEJ” popped out. He realised that if these letters were reversed they spell: “JES”. Reversing the letters was … Continue reading

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Assimilating and distributing all he receives

(During a discussion ostensibly about aspartame’s carcinogenic proprties, drunken, in a pub) “… I mean, if you gave something to rats, and they didn’t develop cancer, it’d probably be a cure for cancer.”

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A wholesome snack

I just found a red M&M in the utility cupboard, with dirt on its front and back, and trailing a few wisps of cupboard lint. Neither of us have eaten M&Ms since moving in some six months ago.

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Conversation peace

There are certain advantages to a virtual office: MDF> gah – reload failed JPS> Yeah, I told Nags to do that. He agreed because he hates you as well. JPS> I mean, oh, no! MDF> >:o( JPS> (uh-oh, rumbled) . … Continue reading

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Poor J—

From a departmental round-robin: Further to my recent e-mail, please see J— S—’s message below and please send large jobs through her.

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The danger of the water meant it wasn’t worth the boiler

Our boiler died yesterday. It’s freezing in the flat. We both stink. Our landlord has rung one plumber out of the dozens in the Yellow Pages, left a message on this special plumber’s answering machine, and refuses to communicate with … Continue reading

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Unfinished business

I take it all back. The car park in Port Meadow is being resurfaced, right up to the north end of the cycle path. Now, if the university could only set aside their usual control-freak habits and not shut the … Continue reading

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