Et in Arcadia Eco

I can’t believe Bletchley Park are actually sanctioning this sort of mad Drosnin numerology:

After painstakingly drawing up 82 matrices, the letters “SEJ” popped out. He realised that if these letters were reversed they spell: “JES”. Reversing the letters was just what a member of the Prieure de Sion might have done. From this he hazarded the guess that “JESUS” was a keyword which would help him crack the code.

The man drew up another type of code-breaking chart, a flag grid. Using the keyword Jesus he came upon another phrase: “Jesus H Defy”. The codebreaker believes – though he has not said why – the H stands for the Greek letter X which has the meaning of “messiah”.

Jesus indeed. Where do I start? “Might have done?” “H” to “X”? “Messiah”? Eighty-two matrices? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. The keyword repeated as often as you like.

… Four more years.

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