Monthly Archives: December 2004

Verching on the ridiculous

“Commot”? What on earth’s a commot? Ah, there’s a reference somewhere. Thank Christ…. “Commot: subdivision of a cantrev.” Oh, cheers, Jeffrey of Harvard. I think I’ll read Homestar Runner instead, as I can understand perhaps three of every four words … Continue reading

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In the bleak midmorning

O God. Having seen this on the smallbeds feed alongside editor’s entry from the same day, I’ve just realized what happened. You could set your calendar by me, you know.

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The second tear

Christmas always makes me emotionally labile, teary at the first tiny child or cheery Santa I see. Cycling into town is a good purgative for this complaint, jostling with the OBC and Stagecoach dickheads until I am like a sieve … Continue reading

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Something happened

A switch flips and I’m totally, totally awake. Anyway. Morning. Technically. Blandings Castle should keep me company, although I’m definitely avoiding the Dostoevsky until it’s daylight. Last time I tried a few pages I went all wide-eyed over the forms … Continue reading

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No sauna said than done

K. would like to ask you all: Fancy a sauna party?

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I don’t know what unsettles me the most: that Gatas Parlament, tricksy, media-savvy Norweminems, have become famous for raising money to pay for the assassination of George W Bush; that they register the domain for the sole purpose thereof; … Continue reading

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Beware of the drug

In complaining about the overprescription of antidepressants, and indeed the mistaken prescription of them simply for ennui, Mary Kenny, like the doctors she whines about, conflates sadness and depression. Depression feels like an act of biochemistry, a behavioural tumour, or … Continue reading

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