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Mountains from Ashmoleans

A brief trip to the Ashmolean Museum today. I’ve been attempting sketching recently—if I can’t type a decent story then I can at least do something else with my hands that’s detrimental to my eyesight—so I went prepared. Sketchbook, a … Continue reading

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A Grain of Sand in Lambeth

Rarely did William Blake suffer from, or at any rate vent, any self-doubt. Either he was industrious with other people’s projects (during his twenty-year “sleep”) to the extent of temporarily forgetting his grand vision, or he was utterly convinced of … Continue reading

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Ten little niggles

Hacking the head, I found CRB’s rant about famous Belgians. Now: third question down.

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K. found an article on the BBC website by an MS sufferer, who mentioned in passing that every online resource for those afflicted with multiple sclerosis capitalized the letters M and S whenever they were adjacent in the title of … Continue reading

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Quite unsettling

I worried at the time about the effect of the bookshelves’ shape on a stock consisting of flat (if compressible) items. A bibliophile oughtn’t to imagine such things. The system of classification, archly Fry, disturbed me too, and it seemed … Continue reading

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Join the QI

addedentry has beaten me to commenting on the QI shop off Turl Street in Oxford. Although he’s a self-confessed occasional poster, he’s clearly more organized and/or more motivated than me. People in bigger towns walk more quickly too. Visiting the … Continue reading

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Live and let buy

Zoe Williams comes of age, finally completing the transfer from flippant Weekend writer to hilarious, reactionary ranter–columnist. We had the same idea a while back, K. and I. I think it involved more flesh and blood changing hands, but that … Continue reading

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