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Mountains from Ashmoleans

A brief trip to the Ashmolean Museum today. I’ve been attempting sketching recently—if I can’t type a decent story then I can at least do something else with my hands that’s detrimental to my eyesight—so I went prepared. Sketchbook, a … Continue reading

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A Grain of Sand in Lambeth

Rarely did William Blake suffer from, or at any rate vent, any self-doubt. Either he was industrious with other people’s projects (during his twenty-year “sleep”) to the extent of temporarily forgetting his grand vision, or he was utterly convinced of … Continue reading

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Ten little niggles

Hacking the head, I found CRB’s rant about famous Belgians. Now: third question down.

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K. found an article on the BBC website by an MS sufferer, who mentioned in passing that every online resource for those afflicted with multiple sclerosis capitalized the letters M and S whenever they were adjacent in the title of … Continue reading

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Quite unsettling

I worried at the time about the effect of the bookshelves’ shape on a stock consisting of flat (if compressible) items. A bibliophile oughtn’t to imagine such things. The system of classification, archly Fry, disturbed me too, and it seemed … Continue reading

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Join the QI

addedentry has beaten me to commenting on the QI shop off Turl Street in Oxford. Although he’s a self-confessed occasional poster, he’s clearly more organized and/or more motivated than me. People in bigger towns walk more quickly too. Visiting the … Continue reading

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Live and let buy

Zoe Williams comes of age, finally completing the transfer from flippant Weekend writer to hilarious, reactionary ranter–columnist. We had the same idea a while back, K. and I. I think it involved more flesh and blood changing hands, but that … Continue reading

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Cook’d and Band

Last night’s dream involved (once again, as Small Beds attests) Thom Yorke from Radiohead. There were also some nondescript vampires and a spiralling plot that doesn’t bear remembering. It seemed to be set in the room I occupied in college … Continue reading

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Reaching out

A billboard advertising the Daily Mail near Oxford station is split into two. I’m only transcribing from unrehearsed memory, but the poster looks something like: HANDS UP THOSE WHO READ THE DAILY MAIL HANDS UP THOSE WHO DON’T Black handprints … Continue reading

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It’s further than you think

For at least the first ten or twenty miles, geographical distance has little bearing on the practical or psychological space between two points. Financially my new job in Charlbury is much closer than the one in Abingdon, as I car-share … Continue reading

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