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Where was I?

In passing, I’ve found that searching Google Maps for “kings cross” leads you here. Unusual coincidence, but not terribly helpful.

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Psycho Geographic

editor had his thirtieth celebrations last night, which were for me immediately preceded by a witless stumble through the roughs and wilds east of King’s Cross to reach Clerkenwell. After the party, without particularly planning to, I walked back across … Continue reading

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Opening my third eye

Now, I’m no gullible new-age numpty, but I can safely say that I had a prophetic dream last night. Most of the details of the dream escape me; it was all in black and white, which is rare for me, … Continue reading

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Look away now

First page of this morning’s single spam, in its entirety: Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 10:37:03 +1100 From: Washington Mutual Online Banking <> Subject: Confirm Your Washington Mutual Online Banking <script language=”JavaScript”> <!– Hide the script from old browsers — … Continue reading

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Into the blue

No stranger myself to banging on and on, I notice Brian Sorrell—two l’s, nothing to do with Cantabrian self-identification—and his Blue Smoke Band have cornered a decent chunk of the market: Send photos to your toaster! Carly Fiorina is a … Continue reading

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Pro bono plug and readmission to my bookmarks: cute and occasionally sinister fontmeister Divide by Zero is up and running once more.

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Thou callst me Madman

I was starting on a translation of D’Entre Les Morts (Vertigo to you, you proles, he says as if he knew before he opened the book) when I noticed a mention of Jacob Boehme, one of Blake’s visionary influences. Gévigne’s … Continue reading

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Fair tirade

Ekow Eshun points out the hypocrisy of middle-class drug takers claiming to be ethical (and—a lovely twist—likens them to speeders and tax-dodgers, two Fagins of the responsibly organic), but I’m not sure what he’s talking about with Pete Doherty: “It’s … Continue reading

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It could be EU

I can’t help feel that the “No” campaigners are, either by rhetorical intent or by muddle-headedness, confusing powers with abilities. Regardless of whether or not the first page of the constitution says it doesn’t replace national law (which it says) … Continue reading

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Whole sale

Gosh. The company I left just before Christmas has been sold lock, stock and barrel to a much larger semi-rival. I don’t think me leaving had any effect in itself, mind you. Well, it might have done, had they not … Continue reading

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