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The Hat writes: I fear I might be wading into dangerous waters myself here but—notwithstanding the beauties of the canal route—when you go up Woodstock Road, why *don’t* you use the cycle path? Right. I wasn’t going to; I really … Continue reading

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“It isn’t actually illegal to kill a builder”

The workies that plagued us in late summer/autumn have returned. Yesterday they were up at the arse-crack of dawn, having loud, raucous, resident-waking conversations in that carefree manner that comes from being such antisocial cunts. I wouldn’t mind them taking … Continue reading

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Death by misrepresentation

The R7 repeats of The News Quiz reminded me today that opiates suppress breathing. And that in turn reminded me of the last days of Dylan Thomas. The authors of Dylan Remembered 1935–1953 (and the BBC Website) suggest that his … Continue reading

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Wolmar (Re: publication)

I bought The Subterranean Railway this weekend. I’ve yet to read it as I’m still grappling with three doses of Blake, but it’s such a pretty addition to the bookshelves. It’s been a while since I bought a brand new … Continue reading

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A man, a plan, a choanal relief

I hope I’m not one to rationalize defeats as cryptic, inverted triumphs. When I first decided to try cycling along the canal rather than Woodstock Road of a morning, I was worried that the semi-people that clog up the arterial … Continue reading

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