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To place across his fat lips

K. says: Jamie Oliver’s next campaign: a giant set of sticking-plasters for every hospital.

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Wrote for luck

Free Shaun Ryder.

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Learning to Leggo

For sale I’d forgotten my parents had foisted my old Lego set on me a few months back. I love the stuff, but I do not want to move with it. Ideally it would go to a nursery, or disadvantaged … Continue reading

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I could have held onto your Pärt

My Peeling has gone far better than I expected. This is terribly out of date now, as I’ve found the fields outside my comfort zone far more fertile than expected, but for what it’s worth—and for closure—here it is. Go … Continue reading

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Good grief

Gosh, someone e-mailed me about a new book release. It was sent through the Small Beds mailing form, which meant that, surely, it couldn’t be spam. Is someone really interested in my critical opinion to that extent? Is this fame? … Continue reading

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I listen to the band

Good heavens. couldn’t find Suede’s early non-album track compilation just now (it can now). Predating Sci-Fi Lullabies and covered with a cut-and-paste from the first few singles, the CD is semi-mythical among some fans. It recurs in my music-buying … Continue reading

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Walls have areas

I’ve realised why I can’t find a paint tone to touch up the minor bangs and dinks we’ve made on the walls this past year. The paint already on the walls has been watered down before appliance, and so is … Continue reading

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Summer lovin’

The walk to work was beautiful this morning. From the train station, along the path through the fields, past sheep knelt down in hollows in the grass, looking like bales of disgruntled, bleaty hay. I can’t wait for summer: the … Continue reading

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At first site

I’m tying up the loose ends on a site I’ve built for someone. Actually settling down to it demands tremendous restraint. It’s like going over a motorbike you’ve just built and tightening all the loose nuts when all you want … Continue reading

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Slivers, linings

I don’t know what Zoe Williams is complaining about. Personally I have to congratulate Michael Howard on his views on abortion. Politically astute as ever, Howard is clearly not unaware of the wider benefits of denying women the choice of … Continue reading

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