I listen to the band

Good heavens. freedb.org couldn’t find Suede’s early non-album track compilation just now (it can now). Predating Sci-Fi Lullabies and covered with a cut-and-paste from the first few singles, the CD is semi-mythical among some fans. It recurs in my music-buying life, turning up occasionally in the Notting Hill and Soho shops, or at the Oxford CD fair. RARE; BOOTLEG; B-SIDES: the sticky labels say.

rgl very kindly passed his copy on to me when he was bought Sci-Fi Lullabies. I’d like to say he sold out to the man when he did so, but that’d be churlish given the circumstances. Apparently the groom has to buy his best man a present. Hmm. I’ve got just the gift in mind.

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