Good grief

Gosh, someone e-mailed me about a new book release. It was sent through the Small Beds mailing form, which meant that, surely, it couldn’t be spam. Is someone really interested in my critical opinion to that extent? Is this fame? Or simply power? Did NME staff feel like this, back in the 80s and 90s before their circulation sclerotised with fatty deposits of dad-rock?

Oddly, the text of my tête-à-tête can be found verbatim on the Grief & Healing discussion board. The same person who e-mailed me seems to have pasted it there. Coincidentally she shares the book author’s e-mail host. Gosh again. Anyway, it’s there along with the same minor punctuation errors, but with the clearly heartfelt (if rather brief) introduction:

I have recently read a book that has helped me through my grieving proces [sic]. I would like to share the information with the rest of you, so you may benefit from it as well.

Really? You didn’t say so in your e-mail to me. Perhaps it slipped your mind, given how preoccupied it must be with the long and difficult healing process.

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