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I want to get off

Right. That’s it. I avoided going to the cinema with people specifically so I could have an evening off this evening. This week Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and next week Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday … Continue reading

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Auntie Spam

My Grandad sent me a card. Twice. I noticed that the envelope for the second had my auntie’s handwriting on it, so was able to sketch out the whole scenario out before ringing my mum, only really to confirm the … Continue reading

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Unconsciously walk in the path of error

There seems to be no reliable way of nesting quotes in XPath. There is, however, a reliable way of breaking PostgreSQL’s XML extensions using that very omission in the XPath specification, so all is not lost.

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We all Pod for iPod

K. has bought me an iPod. If anyone I know needs music on tap, it’s me. I never have enough time to listen to music, ever. Now I can claw back a few more hours every day from the cold, … Continue reading

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Down with philosophy

Anyone tempted to use my old Plato e-mail address: I now discard all e-mail to that address. It was bringing me over 90% of the junk mail I had to wade through, and the Great Uncontactable that took over Wadham’s … Continue reading

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I haven’t got the energy

The first piece in Simon Hoggart’s diary yesterday lambasts wind-farms. Much of his grumble is centred around a figure—that wind farms only work 20% of the time—that has little or no meaning. A house, isolated from the National Grid, might … Continue reading

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Know who your friends are

Unusually for George Monbiot on both counts, his latest column advocates a sort of negative campaigning, and exhibits a fair amount of muddled thinking. Although Labour voters flocking to the Liberal Democrats, in protest against illiberal Labour policies, might be … Continue reading

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You have nothing to lose but your brains

The online election quiz Who should you vote for? has been criticised for its bias towards the Liberal Democrats and the Greens. For the conspiracy theorists, risk-homeostasisisists, tinfoil-hat wearers and other oddballs who cry “fluoride contamination of our political water … Continue reading

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Broers rabbits

The Reith Lectures this year are about how technology shapes society. Oddly not hosted by the hilariously wrong Kevin Warwick, they’ll no doubt be up to the, er, notable standard set by Wole Soyinka’s Spot Gets The Fear bedtime stories … Continue reading

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Not lauding the Manor

Yesterday, the damage the Oxford Bus Company inflicted on my poor arms was finally assessed in the Manor Hospital, Headington. From the outside it looks like a sports centre; inside, worse, it looks like a conference centre. The only bits … Continue reading

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