We all Pod for iPod

K. has bought me an iPod. If anyone I know needs music on tap, it’s me. I never have enough time to listen to music, ever. Now I can claw back a few more hours every day from the cold, dusty grave (a location that seems closer today than on any other day of the year). And I’m sure that hyperactivity, if not actual attention disorder, runs in the Saxon side of my family; now I can plug myself into one more channel of information whenever and wherever I want.

Of course, the device itself opens up a whole new world of feature creep. The perfect way to charge an iPod battery. iTunes and its DRM. Avoiding it. Alternative iPod interfaces. iPods under Linux. iPods running Linux. iPods reformatted to Windows/Linux filesystems. The iTrip. Speakers. Formats. Docks. Compression. Reams of quality debate. It’s a good job I have so much spare time.

(… She bought me an iPod….)

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