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In the midst of life we are infested

The site management company, who we indirectly (through landlords) pay to keep up the grounds where we live, are as lackadaisical a bunch of opportunist, workshy fucknuts as you could find this side of that trading estate that all those … Continue reading

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I’m walking backtick to cshmas

Normally I don’t share these snippets on Small Beds, as it’s not really the place for such prosaic and workmanlike (ahaha) details as the murky internals of programs what I wrote. But this was a joy to find, as it … Continue reading

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Bring me the head of the children’s laureate

Is Jacqueline Wilson’s head really that tall? This image was in a link to a Newsround article with a much larger photo, but as that one had been cropped at the hairline it was inconclusive; and most results are … Continue reading

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The common privileges of transcribing from others

Between them, hatmandu, brightybot, addedentry and j4 have given me a great deal of enjoyment. Apart from the rub-downs and happy finishes they currently, without even knowing it, furnish me with the majority of my reading material. The first two … Continue reading

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Because fusce into dolor won’t go

I needed some lorem ipsum to, ahaha, Greek a layout for a news page on a website (did you know Greek was actually the lingua franca of ancient Rome?). I started off by trying to position items on the webpage, … Continue reading

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New house’s resolutions

I haven’t written anything decent in months. My last short story was squirted onto QlL at the end of March, and I’ve had two or three stories just hanging around part-written since the start of the year. A perfect, Carteresque … Continue reading

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Putting write what once went wrong

Incidentally, if anyone does know of journalism or copywriting work going, I can heartily recommend K. All the best bits on Small Beds I thieve from her. Feel free to write to the ←usual address over there at the “contact … Continue reading

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