Googling for “google” returns 218,000,000 results

NTK says of the customer testimonials that “this is what a search engine is intended to do”. Well, yes. But the level of background noise on Google searches—especially those to do with computer software, genealogy, heart medication and eBay, as per the first four testimonials—has increased sharply these past few months.

When the printer at work refused to accept a nearly-new toner drum as anything but old and doddery, Google search after Google search was entirely fruitless, returning nothing but pages for toner purchases and, far more annoying, pages optimised for toner-purchase Googling from which you couldn’t actually buy toner drums. As K. once said, if you were searching for computer parts, but actually reached a page on donkey porn by mistake… well, you wouldn’t be able to resist, would you?

Google makes occasional attempts to foil the backend Googlehackers, although not nearly as often as it panders to the frontend Googlehackers by publishing cute new interfaces, and they’ll try tackle this problem eventually. My sources say they’re looking into it now, but how much of that’s paranoia I don’t know: K. has lost her job because optimisation ain’t what it used ter be. But, ultimately, while I like having Google replace my bookmarks, I certainly wouldn’t use Froogle given the choice.

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