Because fusce into dolor won’t go

I needed some lorem ipsum to, ahaha, Greek a layout for a news page on a website (did you know Greek was actually the lingua franca of ancient Rome?). I started off by trying to position items on the webpage, but ended up knee-deep in browser-specific hacks and layerings and z-indexes that were making my head spin. So, going out of my wits with CSS, I kept myself barely sane today with the following:

This is a summary,
Load of old flummery,
Hotch-potch of mummery:
Who wrote this guff?
This is the body text,
Acres of noddy text,
Filling the body next
To all that stuff.

Meaningless padding-words,
Really a load of merdes:
Who’d’ve thought I’d have dared s-
-Uggest in verse

Content is rarely king,
News needn’t mean a thing,
If all that’s happening’s
Layout, or worse?

You can use that if you want. No charge. The EULA doesn’t cover that split in the next-to-last verse, incidentally. You’re on your own there. Developer version.

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