In the midst of life we are infested

The site management company, who we indirectly (through landlords) pay to keep up the grounds where we live, are as lackadaisical a bunch of opportunist, workshy fucknuts as you could find this side of that trading estate that all those road-lobby organisations are all registered as living on. In between

  • installing unusable cycling facilities (“wheelbenders” throughout)
  • blocking recycling facilities or preventing people from not using clothes driers (clearly in keeping with a car-free development)
  • clamping guests at ninety quid a pop
  • and letting the grass grow yellow on the lawn,

they still have time to cultivate mould on the stairwell. The thing that looks like an ear, isn’t. This development is only three or four years old: how organised to you have to be to ruin it in that time, both environmentally and socially?

Not that landlords aren’t helping them on the latter front. Acting individually yet somehow with the hive instinct of saving cash, they’ve converted some two-thirds of these flats into 3-bedroomed for students: fast turnover, temporary population, some 30% more rent per flat, cramming those poor bastards in, too stressed to complain, too young to know what their legal rights are. But when the landlord of downstairs did that, he had what seemed through the floorboards to be three months of hell from a group of Greek students, who then apparently made a moonlight flit without paying the rent. Well, at least someone’s benefitting from the newer flat design.

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