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Playing electric guitar has nothing on this. Who let the rabbits get at the controls in Bob Dylan’s head? No, don’t tell me; it’s too depressing: it was Old Father Time, wasn’t it? In the recording studio, with the candlestick, … Continue reading

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Mr Tiggywinkle’s nature notes

Last night I found myself escorting a hedgehog home. The wee chap was toddling along ahead of me between one of our two local pincer-mobile Tesco’s and the house. They really do kick their back legs out like the ones … Continue reading

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Viva Jackie Harvey

Item! Moonkat were playing in Oxford on Friday at the Wychwood Tavern, and boy, do those guys rock! After a storming ‘gig’ singer Emma Peel was heard saying to adoring fans: “It’s all about the music.” It’s so rare these … Continue reading

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“This is another fake letter”

Fake letter, fake letter Isn’t gonna get any better And sentiment don’t get wetter Than in this fake letter. Second verse, second verse Pretty bad and getting worse Lack of inspiration, the sequel’s curse Afflicts this second verse Third stanza, … Continue reading

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Michael, you’re the only one

Well, who would’ve thought it? Michael Jackson, like O.J. Simpson before him, manages to be both fabulously wealthy and yet nonetheless innocent of all charges against him. It’s heartwarming to see that, in this day and age, someone can be … Continue reading

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So Witney, so Wit-far

We’ve moved. We have no web access at home—the Silence of the Beds ought to have told you all that—but we’ve moved. We’re in Witney. Cosy, cutesy, quiet Witney with its shires-regulation Waitrose and the slice-through of an A-road. Work … Continue reading

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Easy money

Monday: jps to Useless Simon: “Hi Simon, The outstanding rent is on its way now – it has already left our account but might take two or three days to arrive in yours. Also, as a temporary measure, we’ve managed … Continue reading

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RAM that is born of DRAM

Thanks to hatmandu, I might have a new computer… my first ever Mac. It may be a G3 iMac running MacOS 9, but I only love it all the more for its purple-coated flaws. In other news, anyone want an Amiga … Continue reading

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