Viva Jackie Harvey

Item! Moonkat were playing in Oxford on Friday at the Wychwood Tavern, and boy, do those guys rock! After a storming ‘gig’ singer Emma Peel was heard saying to adoring fans: “It’s all about the music.” It’s so rare these days, isn’t it, to be able to say ‘rock stars’ and ‘integrity’ in the same sentence. Along with guitarist Richard Blackwood, and Science and Flea making up the ‘rhythm section’, Go Cassetteers are the band to watch this month. They’ll be playing the Oxfordshire folk festival ‘Truckstock’, so you’ll be able to catch them there.

What did we do in the evenings, before Jenga was invented?

A little bird tells me Cassingle’s Richie James is quite the lady’s man, although you wouldn’t think it to look at him. Only four foot six in his stacked platforms, he doesn’t look like a modern-day Casablanca. But, I have to say, I know a fair bit about what women want (wasn’t that a great film? I just can’t get enough of that Hutton Gibson, a fine actor) and it’s the calming, self-assured types like myself and Richmond that always get the girl!

(Will this do? 200 words.)

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