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Fat lip where fat lip’s due

The slack, financially unviable, cherry-picking train companies, propped up by increasing amounts of public money lest they fall over like Railtrack, complain about increased violence to their staff but never wonder why. I’m not here to excuse physical violence to … Continue reading

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Written received opinion

I interviewed Tom Kemp for DogmaNet last Saturday. He’s a great chap to talk to: he has very few preconceptions, a lot of ideas, is educated and literate, and is skilled and experienced enough to know how to begin to … Continue reading

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<conference time="summer" living="easy"/>

Yesterday I did a brief stint at the XML Summer School. Purely as a member of the audience, I should add, although my boss put the fear of all holy hell into me at the last minute by asking me … Continue reading

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Rock and fall

cleanskies jokes at the lead singer of Towers of London turning away from a dive off the speaker stack, but. Remember, kids: rock and roll can kill. Don’t lip-sync and dive. (If I sound sanctimonious, I’m only jealous because I … Continue reading

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Are we nearly there yet?

Yesterday a journey that takes a little under two hours by car took us over five hours by public transport. The initial delay in Cardiff made us miss the pitifully infrequent trains from Swindon to Didcot, and then our change … Continue reading

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Fight of the century: Jeremy Beadle vs Abu Hamza

I’m with Sir Ian Blair on this one. If it weren’t for CCTV, yesterday’s weird waking nightmare might actually have happened, or the hypothetical would-be bombers, who my fevered brain insists perpetrated what clearly didn’t happen, might have got away. … Continue reading

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When you pie, it just makes me smile

Just as I finish reading Wells’ short story The Truth About Pyecraft, Zoe Williams draws the attention of this persona non intervidentis to Kirstie Alley’s Fat Actress, the latest in a long line of shows about fat people. A long … Continue reading

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