Esmi lataz, esmi lataz faura waros inprtus dhatta

editor worries that two dissimilar languages are really the same. Despite reassurances from his nearest and dearest, he has reason to.

Browsing through a cheap Thai knock-off of the Oxford Concise Etymology dictionary* I realised after a while that constructing Indo-European words is an academically coherent and entirely feasible way of using vast linguistic knowledge to mess with the reader’s head. After a while it’s like one great lexical Now Show: it’s all the same thing, repeated forever since civilization etc. etc.

Some people disappear up comparative philology, never to return. editor should consider himself and his PhD lucky that there’s at least one end to Carroll’s rabbit-hole, even if it’s the one above ground.

*(Yes, I do do that of an evening. I mean, I do do do doon doan doen dho dare dere deti dadhati tithemi….)

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