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Bicycles, boxes and I blame the rock stars

One major advantage of using BBC News as a source of long-term reportage is that it covers, and identifies, so many different subjects on the site. The content is well categorised and easy to browse by type. Even the Guardian, … Continue reading

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Esmi lataz, esmi lataz faura waros inprtus dhatta

editor worries that two dissimilar languages are really the same. Despite reassurances from his nearest and dearest, he has reason to. Browsing through a cheap Thai knock-off of the Oxford Concise Etymology dictionary* I realised after a while that constructing … Continue reading

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E inside every lexeme

The best use I’ve discovered regarding the newly reconnected internet: I’ve slaked, quenched even, the wonder regarding the untimely death Georges Perec suffered. These questing urges afflicted me each time I’ve read Life the User’s Method these few weeks. Despite … Continue reading

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Translated by Jean Arp

I don’t understand Henrik Ibsen at all. I mean the translations (Oxford World’s Classics, by James McFarlane and Jens Arup), so it’s not as though I’m struggling with the language barrier. I feel there should be something there, but I … Continue reading

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Total eclipse of the band

Eclipse have come up trumps with our broadband. After BT took over a week to lose our order, and then told us we’d be at the start of their queue again, we paused for thought, then swapped to the company … Continue reading

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