Be like Dad; keep in touch

I’m just finishing the second day’s holiday I took to entertain my parents. As usual I spent the first few hours of yesterday racked with guilt that everything at work would inevitably fall over in my absence. Visions passed by my eyes, of smoke pouring out of the servers because of a runaway <CFLOOP>. But as usual the lack of urgent telephone calls made clear to me that I’m nowhere near as indispensable than I thought. That didn’t stop me, when directing a little tour round the business park, from not going into the office and not picking up the tent I was

But on the other hand it looks like the country, nay the world, has fallen to moral and meteorological pieces in my absence. Honestly. Can’t you all do anything right without me? Right. Roll the sleeves up, spit on the palms and— time for a nap in the bath.

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