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Terrorists! Stay away from public transport, if that’s all right. Haven’t we already suffered enough? Come, friendly bombs, and fall on cars, Toyotas, Fords and Jaguars, On grinning grilles and fat bull-bars: Land heavy, pray! Come, bombs and blow to … Continue reading

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All you gotta do is write in a straight line

From what I can see in (the first few pages of) last week’s issue, there’s a template for headlines in New Media Age. It lets the writers build attention-underwhelming wordinesses using a construction of “business verbs noun (typically an optional … Continue reading

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You for coughie?

Stuck at home this weekend, while K. has gone to Cardiff to, among other things, organise the wedding. I’d got as far as getting on the bus to Oxford and the train station when she convinced me I ought to … Continue reading

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You only die once

Simon Wiesenthal, so good they obitted him twice.

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Feed Vidal and starve Ann Coulter

‘For a year after [Howard’s] death, Vidal barely ate. “I became anorexic.” I am so surprised that we sit for a moment in silence. How did he pull out of it? He smiles, witheringly. “I ate something.”’

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Just following advice

That’s what I like to hear – some original ideas! Any word count is fine by me, as long as it is relevant and coherent of course! Oh. OK. I’ll cut out the rant about how democratization of the internet … Continue reading

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On your photo-messaging mobile phone

It’s been pointed out by Pitchfork (via rgl) that you can now download ringtones of the indiest of indie bands. Rather than a wholesale disregarding of indie cred, this must be the long tail effect finally kicking in, now that … Continue reading

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Putting the “hearse” into “rehearsal”

Our band’s first rehearsal lasted almost one song, this Thursday night. Shortly beforehand I had toured the little corner of our close, ringing doorbells, checking noise levels, assuring people they only had to come a-gently rapping, rapping at our garage … Continue reading

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Celebrities, skinned

It looks like I might get a review of the Reading festival published on DogmaNet after all, so I won’t bother putting anything major up here. The notes and wry, chirpy asides that comprised my diary might also end up … Continue reading

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Grinding exceeding small

It took Thames Valley Police just over a month to decide not to pursue the case against the bus driver who slammed into me from behind while I was waiting on my bicycle at traffic lights last September. It took … Continue reading

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