On your photo-messaging mobile phone

It’s been pointed out by Pitchfork (via rgl) that you can now download ringtones of the indiest of indie bands.

Rather than a wholesale disregarding of indie cred, this must be the long tail effect finally kicking in, now that the internet is sufficiently pervasive, composed of millions of the tiny audiences that make phishing for the customers of small mid-west banks’ as lucrative as for Barclays & chips. And when it comes to a battle between technology and the instinct to stay real, there are always just enough splitters in one of these markets to make cash. An anecdotal review of any online forum would show that there’s always a big enough fraction of shiny-shiny-coin-coin cultural fumbletwunts, in any fanbase. That fraction means that you can make a killing however apparently self-respecting the cliques might appear in the absence of some sort of glowing handset.

I had RHCP’s Can’t Stop on my old phone for ages. But I had at least pasted it there myself, it by chopping a freely-available MIDI file to bits and writing my own WML to download it onto the phone. Now that’s practically keeping the samizdat spirit alive.

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