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It’s all meet and drink

At the traditional prenuptial grab for alcohol, the liquid lunch that immediately precedes a wedding as just reward for those who arrive early, Infinitarian recently asked me how my writing has been going recently. Badly, I said, more or less. … Continue reading

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He who coughs last, coughs chest

A new cold has struck me down this week; either that or the one from last week has made a round trip of the office (through O’s frightening loss of voice and D’s throaty phone answering) and landed back on … Continue reading

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One good U-turn

I’d like to thank the young lady in the tracksuit and the Everton-minty Mini, who this morning pointed out to me from her window the off-road cycle path: vehemently, lest I might miss the provision so kindly laid down for … Continue reading

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I am not a PostgreSQL internal OID!

Dear Stephen I am just registering to get the entry details, Thank you very much. You have managed, in the face of database collapse, under the feet of hardcore coding, and from the teeth of imminent deadline arrival, to cheer … Continue reading

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“Must / must not”

“We need the mobile equivalent to the Highway Code,” cries Natalie Hanman from the rooftops. Social etiquette expert (viz: silly-season inhabitant) Frances Edmonds has prompted Natalie to these pleas for a Brave New Social Order, in an article which is … Continue reading

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It was good, but was it Vansittart?

(This was written last week, but it’s been a busy one, I’m afraid.) It’s difficult to do justice to hatmandu’s stag do in which I’ve just spent the weekend, well, performing, without reciting every splendid minute. Suffice it to say … Continue reading

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