“Must / must not”

“We need the mobile equivalent to the Highway Code,” cries Natalie Hanman from the rooftops. Social etiquette expert (viz: silly-season inhabitant) Frances Edmonds has prompted Natalie to these pleas for a Brave New Social Order, in an article which is a sort of watered-down version of all the more cantankerous Smallweed columns ever written.

Of course, the Highway Code, whatever Frances thinks, isn’t merely a social code: it’s formal advice from the DFT and DSA, and contains much that is legally enforceable. Most of the rest, should you be found ignoring it during a traffic accident, would prompt a court of law to lay a charge of negligence primarily on your dashboard. So it has at least a partially official status in UK law.

Be that as it may, though, does either Frances or Natalie hope for one minute that somehow an unofficial mobiquette might be adhered to any more strongly than the Highway Code, which each and every driver (you too, dear reader; me too) ignores either wilfully or witlessly perhaps once every few miles?

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