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Thinking out of the cage

The most hard-core cycle enthusiasts call almost everyone in a car “cagers”, not just fucking morons. If your world is black and white then you might as well use the same ink for them all, I suppose. Chick, Tracked came … Continue reading

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On the rails to Wigan: peer

As you move northwards through Warrington Bank Quay, look to your left. There sits an enormous power station, eight fat stacks pumping grey into grey. At about this latitude the landscape starts to become brown and gorsey as much as … Continue reading

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He’s gonna stub on you again

New Oxford hopefuls Step on Stubby, by which I mean kauket, drummer Jim and me, finally have enough songs to consider playing gigs. Admittedly three of them belong to other people, and the heart of one of the other three … Continue reading

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This time the taxonomy will really work

Among other activities keeping me busy this weekend has been the establishing of, well, a base, on Google Base. This is a beta service from Laboratoires Googlier, the people who brought you Google X. Briefly. The premise is that Google … Continue reading

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“We love to eat Green allotment soup”

A new neologism, this time courtesy of Chick, Tracked. Smuglement, smuglament: one of the new sections of the Guardian, invariably containing an article invoking in the reader an overpowering urge to punch someone, anyone, in the face repeatedly until messy … Continue reading

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Aletheia, Bellamy, Bjorn and Frosty

Hearing David Bellamy spout his usual junk on Radio 4 this morning reminded me of a new phrase I’d coined to describe people like him and Bjorn Lomborg, who hope collectively that climate change is a passing fad and can … Continue reading

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From the ridiculous to the sublimated

This past few days I’ve had a hankering after writing some more, but not really the energy to put into it at all. A few tiring days fighting with numerous Microsoft and Macromedia monolithic programs, which talk to each other … Continue reading

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It’s in the trees! It’s coming!

It’s, oh, so-many days till Christmas. So why do I feel so seasonal this morning? It’s only a heavy frost, after all. For “seasonal”, you can probably read “nostalgic”. Much of Christmas consists of an industry of nostalgia. Nostalgia is … Continue reading

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It’s the coffee that carries you offee

Sipping a cup of coffee at work today, I tried to work out where I’d tasted that particular blend before. Not blend, but, you know. Version. Format. Genre. It was different from a normal cup like filter is from espresso, … Continue reading

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Cocaine can kill my brain

From Nicholas Lezard’s article on drugs in today’s Guardian: “I would never tell anyone else not to do it unless it was interfering with their mental state,” said one friend, now a psychotherapist, who could not decide what fake name … Continue reading

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