It’s the coffee that carries you offee

Sipping a cup of coffee at work today, I tried to work out where I’d tasted that particular blend before. Not blend, but, you know. Version. Format. Genre. It was different from a normal cup like filter is from espresso, or instant from a capuccino. Then it struck me: the coffee was underbrewed.

Like a rare steak, an underbrewed coffee has its own unique texture and flavour, which being an over-everythinger—over-cooker, over-emphasiser, over-achiever—I’ve not experienced in years. When I’d semi-regularly pop in to rgl’s room in college for a pre-prandial hotlavajava, I noticed that he always used to make his coffee quickly and with few beans: partly to stop himself hitting the ceiling, at least before 2pm if he could avoid it; partly because you get the actual flavours of the coffee, rather than just the roast. Also, it’s as smooth and clear as finely filtered, even if you make it with a cafetiere.

I’m going to do this again, I think. Maybe with brightybot’s supply from Mauritius, when she’s not looking.

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